New to BP and REI, looking for a broker recommendation in San Antonio

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Hello BP nation. I’m new to real estate investing and I've been doing research the last 6 months on the markets and type of properties to invest in.

So for my initial entry into REI I've decided to focus on SFR's and on up to Fourplex's. I plan to employ a buy and hold strategy.

The market I am zeroing in on is San Antonio due to its good cash flow and very favorable long term growth prospects. I plan on visiting the area around the end of August.

My question to the community is can anyone recommend a good broker in SATX that specializes in residential investments and preferably is an investor.

This forum has been a great source of information, thanks for all the help!


(Sorry, I don't have any broker recommendation, I'm a newbie my self:)) 

Hi Joe, I'm in Austin but I've had good talks with the guys at Networth Realty in the past. They're investor focused and usually have some good deals. Their San Antonio office # is 210-593-7040.

Hey @Joe Ruiz , welcome to BP!  Give me a call some time to discuss RE brokers here in SATX.

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