Fort Worth General Contractor (DFW)

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Hello BP Nation!

I am looking for a recommendation for a General Contractor (GC) that works with investors in the Fort Worth market.  In particular, the south Fort Worth market.  If you have someone you know and recommend, I promise to buy you a virtual beer tomorrow.

Thanks in advance!

Since not even one response to this, I can deduce the following:

1.  If you are a GC or in the business to make money by rehabbing investment properties, I can say with 100% certainty that you will have a job in and around the Fort Worth area.  

2.  Since you will have the market cornered, after you move here and set up shop, get onto BP and brag about how much business you are doing, so that other people will follow and setup shop too.  This way, prices will come down for rehab work.

3.  Until we start hearing about how good the rehab work environment is here in the Fort Worth area, start packing up the U-Haul because you can make a killing!

Hi Jimmy,

There are investors in Fort Worth flipping houses using contractors. You may be better off contacting someone directly after they post. I haven't start my flipping journey yet, but I foresee finding a GC being an obstacle.  I agree with @Barb Vallenari we need good contractors! Good luck!!! 

@Jimmy Wilson

In the podcasts, it is a consensus that good investor friendly GC's are hard to come by. One suggestion in the podcasts was to show up at the contractor center before they open, see who's there. These are to more than likely be the GC's and contractors who are very busy and serious about their business. You may also consider talking to small businesses that supply lumber, plumbing supplies, etc. They'll be more in tune with knowing the contractor than the big box stores.

@Da@Lissa Dear

Looks like a grand opportunity to become that perfect GC for the Fort Worth Area!

Total newbie here, but you may want to check into DFW Real Estate Investor Club also. I've recently joined both BP & DFW to learn the biz and to meet some investors and I have seen some investor friendly tradesmen on their site. Also, they meet on Saturday mornings at Woodhaven Country Club in FW.  Haven't been there yet, but it's on my list of to do's.

New to bigger pockets, so a little late to the party! If any of you have any questions or need some contacts, let me know. We eat, sleep and breathe this business. Good luck!