Active North Texas Investors

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Hey BP! I'm not new to BP but I am getting ready to hopefully make my first deal in 2016. I am looking for buy and holds in the Fort Worth and surrounding areas.  I am working on narrowing down target areas so I can get out there and start driving for dollars.

Is anyone currently investing in the areas in and around Fort Worth, TX. Specifically Saginaw, watagua, white settlement, keller, or surrounding areas? 

Any help or advice when it come to investing for buy and hold in the north texas/ fort worth area is greatly appreciated.

Welcome, @Barrett Boone !     Our market is tight and competitive, so be patient, run the #'s w/ thorough due diligence, and exercise discipline in not overpaying just to get a deal.  

Sometimes the best deals are the ones you walk away from! Networking is critical in this biz, so make it to as many REI meetings as you can. (hint: @Adam Wright is hosting one Friday night).

Let me know if I can be of any additional assistance...

Hey Barrett,

I'm looking in those areas...haven't bought anything yet, but I plan to soon. I've been studying up a lot, viewing properties & running numbers. I think the calculators are a great tool because it lays everything out for me. I underestimated the impact an HOA was going to have on a rental I was looking at a few weeks ago, but the calculator exposed it

Find out if a house sits on top of an old landfill before you buy it.

White Settlement is a good area.  They are kind of a pain in the butt compared to Fort Worth. They inspect everything ($75 inspection fee). They make you prove you own a house before they will turn on the water etc... 

Have you considered Benbrook?  You won't find as many good ones there but the ones you might find are pretty good. Stay away from Timber Creek though. It's on top of an old landfill.