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Hi guys,

I'm from the Dallas area and have moved to Lubbock for school. I'm 23 and a business student here at TTU. Real estate has always interested me and I'm looking to start out my investing journey in anyway possible. I do realize that this is a commitment, and have even considered leaving school to pursue a full time job as a Real Estate agent/investor. I have researched most ways to break into the industry as a poor student with absolutely no money or connections to hard cash, and have decided that the two best options are whole selling houses and rentals. I'm currently working on my Real estate license, and I'm looking for anyone in the Lubbock area that would be willing to mentor me in investing. I know there is a wealth of knowledge here on BP, and I intend to use every article I can find to grow in investing. However, I have no money, no knowledge of the market or how to realistically approach a deal, and I couldn't appraise a home or even recognize a good deal if I found one. With that being said I know that the best way to learn is by asking questions and getting hands on experiences; so I thought I'd ask around to see if anyone could show me the ropes before that fatal leap into my first deal.
Any help or advice is appreciated.

Hello Aaron, welcome to BP. I am a real estate agent/investor in Lubbock. I am also a TTU grad. I would love to visit with you about your real estate career.

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