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I want to add subject-to deals to my portfolio, but I can’t find a decent ‘Standard Purchase & Sale Agreement’ contract (along with the other necessary docs). Would anyone be willing to email me their subject-to doc package? I'm in Texas.

@Brittany Adams I would recommend you try this post in another Forum for a higher chance of success.  Maybe try "Real Estate Strategies" or "Investor Basics".  We love all Texas posts here but this is more for Texas specific questions.  You might find someone here who can answer this question but I think there will be more people who monitor those other areas.  Thanks!

You can use the standard TREC contract and addendum. These are available for download from the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) website. Good luck

Thanks @Mike Reynolds .

Hey @Brittany Adams , send me an email and I'll send you my investor-friendly contract, it has a paragraph for subject-to and just about any other way you might be buying a property.

@Brittany Adams As @Vincent V. stated, the standard trec 1-4 (google that or trec 20-13 for a copy) can be used in sub to deals.  In special provisions you'll want to write "Purchase is subject to underlying lien(s).  The main thing is that you want to work with a title company that is experience and comfortable with these types of transactions, and they can help prepare corresponding docs.

@Brad as a former Realtor® I’m definitely familiar with the 1-4. I guess I’m still in Realtor® mode when it comes to writing anything in the Special Provisions section, as it was forbidden as a licensee.

Originally posted by @Debra Grumbach :

@Drew Shirley sent you an email. would appreciate a copy of the contract you use!


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