First time investor looking at Sherman

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Hello BP, 

First time investor looking to invest in Sherman. I currently live in Plano and am looking for a property that will be able to cash flow and have a realtor sending me property listings up there. It looks like you can get a decent 3 bed / 1 or 2 bad for under 100k. 

Anyone have any property up there and have any insight? I'm looking at houses close to Austin college 

I haven't heard of much activity up there, but your parameters sound great

I would look to house hack where you want to live and take advantage of that low down payment FHA loan.

@Tammy Patchin i am Looking for more long-term investments. I work a lot of hours at my main job and don’t think I’ve have to time to go back and forth to fix up a property especially being my first deal     

Student housing near Austin College do well.  There are several duplexes in close vicinity that cash flow. Sherman has been pretty stable rental market, especially close to Austin College.

@Vic Reddy thanks for the reply Vic. Do students usually live in a lot of those houses? When i drove Down there a few weekends ago the neighborhoods were a little tougher than i expected. (C- to D). It could have just been a bad day but if you have any additional insight I would appreciate it 

There are new build duplex homes in the last 5-15yrs spread across the neighborhood close to Austin college. Students prefer these newer duplexes. These cash flow well and also sell quickly. 

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