Temple, TX - Looking for a Rehab Contractor

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Looking for a trusted person/company to work with on an upcoming rehab property in Temple, Texas.  It's not in too bad shape, but was a smoker's house and hasn't had any cleaning done in years.

Based on a quick walk-through I'm looking at internal painting, minimal external painting, carpet replaced (or removed to get to the hardwood floors where possible), a bunch of minor repairs to things like gutters/eaves/etc.

In a perfect world, this relationship would continue to care for the property as issues occur in the future.

I have used Edgar Rodriguez with TexTile for remodels. He has a large crew of specialists, and they do great work. He is very busy, so he's hard to pin down sometimes.

For cleaning and painting, I use Brandy Randall with All Services Cleaning. She is a perfectionist, and is always reliable. She shows up when she says she will, and does what she says she'll do.

PM me for their contact info.

It sounds like you might have a house in a historic area (hardwood floors). That's my specialty. If you ever need eyes and ears on the ground in Temple, let me know. My home and properties are all historic houses, as well. I'll be happy to help out.

Best of luck!

Thanks!  I dropped you a PM.  Any advice/support will be greatly appreciated.

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