Does the Bigger Pockets App suck?

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Is the BP app not very well built, or am I not using it right? I am on the go all the time, and I don't really ever have a laptop open. I would love to be more involved in the forums, but it seems like the app never works 100% or sometimes at all.

I agree, it's very difficult (impossible really) to type any response to the forums or messages. I did get an email survey recently specifically about working on the app, so hopefully it gets updated soon.

@Andrew Parker I actually, for the most part, like the iPhone app that BP has for the forums.  It leads me to make a lot of typos in my forum responses but that's a "me" issue.  What it does do (quite a bit) is crash...for no perceptible reason...

Still, I think it's pretty solid and great for use while doing cardio at the gym...

I'm using the app on an iphone also, it works fine for forums but anything else its not as easy to navigate, can't access marketplace, tools or calculators, which would be a huge plus on-the-go, in my opinion.

OK, so a few things about the apps. 

1. They are currently sub-optimal, but we are aware of the situation and working to fix it.

2. We'd love your feedback  here . This Google Survey populates a Google Sheets file that our developers are reviewing, so filling out  this form is the BEST way to make your voice heard.

3. It's not just you. Both Android and iOS experience issues, just different ones. Apple does not allow our app to contain the Pro-Only Forum or any other section of the site that requires a paid membership to access.

4. There is a way to access the site on your mobile device, simply use your browser to navigate to the site directly.