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Hi I am looking for apartment deals to get involve with. I tried going to meet up groups and I still can not find deals even though there are investors there. By any chance does anyone know any apartment meet up groups that can help me achieve my goals?

@Lillian Nguyen are you looking to invest passively in a deal, partner with a sponsor or be the sponsor? Either way, right here on BP is a good way to meet others. There are a lot of posts on the topic (add it to your keywords). Also, if you listen to BP podcasts and other real estate podcasts you will hear from syndication companies. Reach out to them to learn more.

Aloha Lillian and Todd, I did contact Todd after listening to his podcast, and got on his list. I also posted a search with partner and syndication and got about 10 replies. Out of the 10 I got 2 deals to get into. On exactly the same day last month I was accepted and needed to wire the funds. Minimum was $50,000 so after making several emails I made the decision to go with the one in Georgia. 

Todd please keep me on your list, since I have another round of credit lines coming up in August.

Hope this helps Lillian, because it takes several months a deal going.

Hi @Lillian Nguyen , I know how you feel and part of the challenge that I find the term “investor” is used too loosely on all the amazing blog, podcasts and forum channels we have acces to these days. 

The tips above by @Todd Dexheimer  and @Derrick Kusuda are awesome, here on BP we can learn from the best.

Better keywords or terms to be using and searching for are "sponsor" or "syndicator" and similar variations. I have also found that 95% of all meet ups are not set up for multifamily investors or syndicators. Most are filled with all varieties of beginners wanting to learn how to get started in real estate in general, usually in wholesaling, flipping, SFR, mobile homes, duplexes and the like but not commercial multifamily. I'll be starting an on- and offline meetup group in the months to come to start filling that gap. I'd like to add that I too am such sponsor/syndicator (putting together an A-Team, co-sponsors and private equity or debt investors for each sub-market we operate in) whose underwriting and deal packages you might want to look at.

That said, make sure you educate yourself on the many posts, here and on other channels, what to look for in a sponsor and to become clear on what you want and on what level “game” you can “play” in.

Feel free to PM me here on Bigger Pockets so I can send you a personal invitation link to my current and future deals. We have a hot one in Phoenix coming up in April ;-)

I’ll send you a colleague request as a reminder with another link to block some time on my calendar should you be ready to talk things over.

Welcome to the exciting real estate tribe.

Cheers, Ken

Originally posted by @Lillian Nguyen :

Hi I am looking for apartment deals to get involve with. I tried going to meet up groups and I still can not find deals even though there are investors there. By any chance does anyone know any apartment meet up groups that can help me achieve my goals?

 Hi Lillian,

From what I see in your profile, you are based in Dallas, TX so you are definitely in a good place to network with many different apartment investors. I'm sure there are many meetup groups in Dallas where you can go and start building relationships with great operators that might have some active deals.

Also, like Todd said, this platform is also great to network with many active investors. Whether you are looking to be a passive investor in large deals, purchase your first duplex, or become a syndicator yourself, you should definitely get some good advice here. Just start shooting questions in the commercial multifamily forum and we will all try to help.

Podcasts is also a great way to learn about active investors in the apartment syndication arena. Check out Michael Blank's Apartment Investing Podcast and Old Capital Podcast. You can literally listen to them and build a very robust list of syndicators that you can later contact directly and start building a relationship with.

Good Luck! And again, feel free to start shooting questions our way that we are all happy to help. Or if you'd like to chat further go ahead and send me a PM, I'm always happy to talk some real estate.

Brokers are the tip of the spear. You've got money, I have relationships with all active syndicators.

@Lillian Nguyen Hi Lillian!  I run a MF Meetup in Plano/Dallas. Our next one is March 25th.  Feel free to look us up: Think Multifamily.  We would love to have you join us. If you have any specific questions you would like answered between now and then, just send me a messsage! 

@Lillian Nguyen there are a lot of groups where you are locally. You are right you really need to get into one of these groups because you literally need the partners to quality for the loan... even after you ride on their coattails to find the deal.

Lots of great people on BP to network with and connect with. Look at the profiles of some of the people mentioned above who may be involved with syndication deals and read their profiles. Remember that a syndicator who is worth his salt will want to make sure the deal is a fit for you and your risk profile before pitching you opportunities. Also, expect to have a few conversations first before being officially invited into a deal. Technically the SEC requires a prior relationship before a syndicator can invite someone to participate. It really helps when people reach out and begin asking questions. There are lots of deals out there right now and syndicators need capital to make those deals happen. It’s a great marriage when a syndicator with a great deal teams up with investors who are seeking income that is truly passive. Keep reaching out and networking. Also, don’t pay a fee to get involved in a club. You don’t need to do that at all.

Hi Lillian,

Understand your challenge but you are in the right spot on BP and attending local meetups, etc to expose yourself to new relationships and opportunities.  Being in Dallas is of course a fertile ground.  I was there just last week for the Real Estate guys syndication conference for instance, a great place to meet other syndicates and see who's working on what.  I'm in Dallas today as well as we look at properties in the area as we continue to find opportunities for our investors there.  

@Lillian Nguyen Lots of great feedback here already. One thing you have to decide for yourself is whether you'd want to invest in MFH syndications passively or actively. If you have no prior experience, it may be beneficial for you to start as a passive syndication investor to observe how the overall process goes. It will also allow you to meet the experienced syndicators already working on the deals. 

In terms of finding a deal, it is a long process. It will take a while to find a good deal. The main thing is to focus and never give up! Continue networking locally and virtually here on BP. It is a great community and majority of folks are great and willing to share their knowledge and wealth of information. 

If I can be of further assistance please feel free to PM.

Good luck!

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