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Hello everyone. 

Where would you go to find an accredited potential SFR Portfolio buyer? I have looked on Costar for individuals who have done 1031 Exchanges, peeped at alternative websites who act as either a brokerage or glorified listing service, called into my local networks, sifted through hedge fund managers, etc. And now I am looking for more ideas to find that buyer. What would you suggest?

I've ran into people who are actually accredited potential investors and people who look the part but when it gets to the nitty gritty they mention the "I'm with a group of investors, let me talk to them" middle man line.

Need your help. What would you do?

Search for recorded transactions in your farm area. Look for multiple owners who are actively buying. If your portfolio is a good deal you won't have an issue finding buyers.

If you truly have control of a package is one thing, if you are trying to play match maker with no real control, that is a weaker position.

SFR portfolios are not a product with huge demand, may as well sell them off one by one.

Hi, Michael! 

The first thing I would suggest is finding out if your local association of Realtors has weekly luncheons or anything of that nature. These are great places to meet other licensed agents and to discuss buyer and seller needs that everyone has.

Every now and then, you'll meet someone with a buyer looking for exactly what your seller has. If not, they'll remember what your seller has and pass it on to their friends as well. It's a win-win for both the buyer and the seller, as packages like that are not necessarily the norm. Sometimes word of mouth is the most effective way to spread the word. Good luck finding a buyer!

Thanks for the tips guys! I will definitely be implementing them in the future.

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