Trying to fine an online service to obtain my Texas state ID #

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I'm trying to find an online service to obtain my Texas state ID #, in order to open a bank account for my LLC, here in Texas. I was told Legal Zoom could, however since my LLC has already been opened. Legal Zoom can't help since what i'm asking for is an "a la cart" item.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! 

He means state rax filings. A simple google search could do this.

Why did you not include the package of obtaining FEIN and state tax number filing? A local tax preparer could do this one as well, take 20 mins of your time and save yourself $100.

So the reason I'm looking to pay someone, is because I've contacted not only the Secretary of State office here in Austin, but for few other local offices as well. Each one telling me to do different things at different local offices. I was told I need a Texas Nexus Questionnaire, I was also told I need to fill out a Certificate of Formation, and an Articles of Organization. So I'm getting conflicting stories and rather than wasting two or even three lunch days to get the final result, if I end up going to the wrong office. I feel paying a $100 could be worth my time. 

I have opened numerous accounts in Texas with just the Certificate of Formation and Federal Tax ID #

The Comptrollers office sends out a tax form every year. It has your state ID on it.

So what I've learned is that my bank is a joke, a local credit union called Amplify Credit Union. Chase, Wells Fargo, and two other credit unions in Austin dont require a Texas State Tax id # in order to open an account in your LLC's name... just my bank. Such a headache. I'll be switch in the days to follow.

Thank you everyone who helped.

@Jason Pavloff There are several types of business requiring different forms under the tax ID, the department of comptroller should be the one you need to file, there was a link i posted. And yes, fein should suffice, i remember there was an individual service offered by or .net but seemed like they changed name or bought out, the logo is still the same so not sure if services changed.

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