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Hi all, I am currently out of the country for 7 months or so for my job.  My job allows for a lot of free time and I would like to get my real estate license.  Are there any reputable sites to get a real estate license online?  Or should I just wait until I get back home and do a class in person?

Thank you for any help!


Welcome from Georgetown, TX! I studied for and received my licensed about 18 months ago. Here's the TREC list of approved online providers: https://www.trec.texas.gov/education/qualifying-ed...

I'm pretty sure I went with the first name on the list. The self-paced study is easy and I recommend you devote a few hours to learn it. I got my license for the sole purpose of my own transactions, so I wasn't as worried about the content. You can go direct to the quizzes to pass the course with minimal effort and then search for the answers in the PDF guide they give you. It makes the 180 hours less daunting.

I would definitely study and get prepared now so that when you get back, you can take the test and get your license.

I did mine all online with Train Agents.  It's not a recommendation but it's who I used because of cost.   Look on Groupon or Living Social for some discounts.

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I got mine through Champions in person in Dallas. YMMV

 I was at an event this week where this conversation came up and an investor in my group who had gotten his agent license recommended Champions in Houston, the in person course.  He had done an online class prior and said the in person version at Champions was very good.

@Michael Pittman I apologize as I am going through my followed threads that I am just now seeing this question.  I am still playing.  I spent the last 2 years in Japan playing.  This year I was set to play back here in the states but that has obviously been a different story with Covid.

I did my classes online, I used real estate express, and AceableAgent. I suggest using aceable, the customer service is a lot better than real estate express, also the questions on the quizzes are actually relevant to the state exam.