Managing Harris County elevation requirements

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Hi All! So the new Harris County rules say that any rehab project in the 100 year flood plain needs to elevate the house unless the rehab budget is less than 50,% of the building/improvement value of the home. How does one prove this if the Tax records say otherwise (but appear incorrect). I heard appraisers only provide market value , and don't separate land and building value. Has anyone dealt with this or something similar? Thanks in advance!

Great question.  I am aware that the city inspectors are active in certain areas, slapping violations on houses that haven't been raised.  Will keep my eyes/ears open for some useful resources that can be shared here.

An appraiser, if requested, can easily break out the land vs building values. Not sure if your regs bade it on the tax collector values or actual market values.

Thanks a lot Mark and Wayne! I think I'll probably go the Appraiser route. If you know of anyone good - please do let me know! Thank you!