Know any good contractors in Midland, TX?

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Hello BP Community!

I'm venturing out into flipping houses here in Midland, TX and I am looking for recommendations for good contractors in the area with experience renovating houses, especially good GC's that can manage an entire project. I know from experience so far that quality contractors are hard to find in this area, so if you have worked with any you like and trust on a rehab project and don't mind sharing I would love to know who they are. 

Thanks in advance!

I would check with some local REI groups. We have a hard time finding reasonable-good contractors in Austin. Keep us in mind for your cabinet orders. We are the best priced. Investor Depot in Austin.

@Chris Rendall I know a few who can do projects in Midland, how many projects would you have going at one time? They focus a lot on working with investors and have experience with the type of homes in the Midland/Odessa area.

Account Closed thanks for the reply. Was getting a little concerned I posted in the wrong category lol. For now I would have 1-2 projects max going on at once. If you don’t mind sending me the contact info for your guys I would really appreciate it. Let me know if there’s anything I can do for you as well.

@Chris Rendall I too work with investors in the area and one myself. Right now I'm focusing on new construction. If you come across any good opportunities you can not manage have me in mind. I might have buyer for it. Good luck on your projects.