Looking for realtor to help with first deal in Houston TX

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Hello fellow BPer's

I am looking for an experienced investment realtor to help my find my first deal within the Houston area ( including Spring, Cypress, Conroe, Pearland, and Missouri City). 

I want: Duplex/ Triplex preferred and single family homes that's around the 130-150K range (I can have a little wiggle room with the numbers). I have a budget of 20K for rehab. ROI 12-15%, I would prefer to go through leveraging with a conventional loan. Ideally, I would want to house hack my first deal so that I can live rent free.

If anyone can recommend me to some realtors I would greatly appreciate it!  I am looking forward to connecting and networking  with many great local talents to obtain my very first deal! 

Thanks in advance!

@Cody R. Can't get much easier than that! Hope you and @Mitchell Benson are able to come to an agreement.

Otherwise, drive neighborhoods/use MLS and look at the multi families listed. Check and see if there is a listing agent's name that keeps popping up. That is who you will want to saddle up next to. Call them and let them know what you are looking for. If that doesn't work, it would be time to break out the pen and paper and start writing letters to multi fam home owners using the Harris County Appraiser's site.

Good luck in your first deal!

@Khang Pham Good luck on your first investment. Let me know how that goes too!

Just a quick question, are you saying you only have 20K for an acquisition? The reason I'm asking is because using that money for a 6-12 month marketing campaign could yield a much better ROI in the long run with more acquisitions by networking for private money lenders in the meantime that could be your gap funders when using a hard money loan (for example)

@alex tahnat No, I meant that I have 20k to get the rehab done on the home if needed. 

I'm not sure if I understood you correctly. Are you saying that I should spend 20k on trying to find deals?