Looking for a team in Houston

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Hello All

My father drives over an hour every day for work. He works in the westchase, briar park area. We are looking to invest in the area find him a place to live during the weak while he works and maybe invest at the same time. Looking for garage apartment or something similar.

Thank You 

Matt Brady

@Matthew A Brady If your father is going to sleep there the majority of the week, I suspect it can be argued that the property will be his primary residence allowing him to qualify for a Fannie Mae loan with only 3% to 5% down. However, he likely will have to pay Mortgage Insurance which can be substantial. Personally, I am a fan of piggyback loans. For example, on a $100k property, I take out a loan for 10% and combine it with my cash down payment of 10% to meet the minimum 20% down to avoid having to pay Mortgage Insurance. A good mortgage broker will set this up for him. 

On a side note, it will be hard to find a duplex in Houston where he will break even exactly. Most duplexes I've seen sell for $250k and up. He will likely only have to pay a few hundred per month in this scenario though. 

Best of luck!