What's your favorite REIA or Investor Meet Up in Austin, TX?

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I'm a newbie in North Austin/ Georgetown and am looking to network with other investors as I approach my first deal. Anyone have any groups that they have heard good things about/ attended?

Hey Parker! Great to hear you are looking to begin your real estate investing journey. I work for an investment brokerage here in Austin and would love to be a resource for you if you have any questions about getting started. Also, it may be a little bit of a drive for you but there is a great meetup in South Austin that @ScottMacDonald has organized at the Texican Cafe. I went last week and there was a phenomenal speaker (Cort Chalfant from Nexus Lending) who provided a ton on insight into not just Hard Money Lending but also real estate investing in general.  

@Parker Smith I attended the ATX Dealblender meetup yesterday. It ran from 6:30pm to 9pm and was near the Domain so probably more convenient for you since you are near Georgetown. There were about 30-35 ppl there and everyone was great. A lot of SFH investors, flippers, and brokers/lenders .

@Jason Hirko I went to an Investor Underground meeting two months ago and was kind of disappointed. First, it was supposed to start at 630 but it didn't start until 715. It ended at nine and the majority of the time was used by speakers so there wasn't any time dedicated to networking. I'll have to go to another one to give it a second chance. The topic was very interesting and helpfull though. 

Investor Underground is the only group in Austin run by a 27 year real estate attorney. We fill it with 95% rich content you won't find anywhere else and only 5% sales. All the other REIA's in Austin are the opposite. They are 95% sales and 5% content. They only want to sell you a high priced package.

Investor Underground actually starts at 6:30 so people can network.  The speakers don't begin to speak until 7 pm for that reason.  In addition to the half hour of networking before the speakers start, there is plenty of time after the event to stay and network if you want.   People usually stay around till 10:30 pm in the parking lot.       

Investor Underground meets at the Austin Board of Realtors on Spicewood Springs Road (Northwest Austin).    

"Break Bread with Local Investors" is hosted at the Brass Tap in the Domain every Thursday at 11:30am. It seems to be a great environment to meet people in the industry and hear about different deal opportunities. 

Bill Crider and Costin Iorgulescu's event. Costin is active here in the forums. Best meetups in the city, imo. Savvy and well connected folks who have been investing in Austin for decades. No sales pitch.  Rock solid people.