Looking to build a rental property portfolio of both single-family and small multi-family properties in the Northeast Texas region. Interested in connecting with local real estate investors and professionals in the area.

My financial partner is coming Dallas August 11 and will be in town through August 19th. I am looking to setup meetings during the week of August 13th with qualified real estate professionals in the following areas: attorneys, accountants, real estate brokers, property managers, foreclosure specialists, real estate agents, lender/mortgage brokers and wholesalers. Would also be interested in connecting with local real estate investors in the area.

We are interesting in investing in both single and small multi-family properties.

Although you offer a professional service, we would prefer that you own real estate yourself. Must be local to the Northeast Texas region from Dallas through the Commerce area and have a good knowledge base on current market trends.

Please message me directly to have a follow up conversation and setup meetings.


Carlos Rivers