Need a real estate agent to help find tenant/buyers in Mckinney

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Hi BP Team, I'm new to lease options and I just got my first signed agreement from a seller yesterday. I need a real estate agent who can help me put a tenant/buyer in the property! 

Hi @Colin Conn , The property is located off Evergreen Dr in the 75070 area. It's a 4bd/2.5 bath. 2880 sqft. I need help with taking applications, showing the property, putting up signs. I can pay a one time fee after we close a qualified tenant buyer. 

Texas has some very restrictive laws concerning Lease Option contracts. You may want to have a Texas attorney draft your contract and close it to make sure it if legit.

Non-consumer (e.g., you, the investor) receiving a L/O: all day long and twice on Sunday.

Giving a Consumer a L/O: no-go.

Search "Lease options" and "Texas" (and variations thereon) for lengthy discussions on why you don't do that.