House Hacking Houston

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Hey everyone,

First post to BP and very new to real estate investing in general. I am fresh out of college and started a job in the oil and gas industry. I currently really like my apartment but am looking to eliminate or significantly reduce the expense in my next place. I still have about 8 months on my lease so I have plenty of time to learn in the meantime. I want to get into real estate investing and believe I will have the funds and ability to house hack in 8 months. Immediately following, I hope to start investing in real estate more actively and quickly. My question is, is it possible to house hack in the Houston area? Properties near the heart of town look to be very expensive (Montrose, Midtown, Heights, Wash Ave) and I am not familiar with the other areas of Houston since I just moved here. I am hoping if anyone can point me in the right direction for looking for a future house hack. I do love living within the loop but if that's not possible in a house hack I would be bummed but not surprised. So, any locations would be great but it needs to be safe as I have a serious girlfriend that could very well be rooming with me.

Thank you in advance for any help and I am excited to learn more about real estate and would appreciate any advice anyone could offer! I can also assist with some basic housework if that would help you out!

The problem with Houston is that any multi family (in the loop) that are close to affordable are in areas that most wouldn't want to live in. SFH and getting roommates is an option but if your girlfriend moves in with you sometimes they aren't as interested in having a stranger living with y'all.

Hopefully someone will know something that I don't and comment. Good luck!

Welcome to BP!! Its just a matter of looking and time, the property you are looking for will pop up. In the mean time you should defiantly be doing your home work on the Houston area. As a whole seller my self i can tell you multi units can be rare but the do pop up in side the loop.