Tax Lien Buyer Club ?? YES OR NO

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Hi BP!!!

Anyone have any advice about Tax lien buyer club ? I joined them today at this seminar and thought i did the right thing. I never know about tax lien investment so i was very interested in it until i read some of bad experiences people have on here BiggerPockers . I have 3 day to cancel my transaction and I would like to see you guys opinions about this company. 

Thank you so much and have a wonderful weekend :) 

I have mentored someone that bought into their program.  A lot of the liens are Florida liens that are close to the end of the redemption period.  The large fund(s) that purchase the liens do not want to invest more money into taking it to tax deed sale so they sell the lien to the Tax Lien Buyer's Club (I would guess at a significant discount).  Then the Tax Lien Buyer's Club sells it to their investors at the face value.  There may be some deals there but you really need to understand the due diligence you need to do prior to buying a lien.  There will be a lot of junk.  When you know what you are doing you may find some "outliers".  You can learn to do this on your own as well.  I posted some info on questions to ask the tax collectors to understand the rules of the sale.  Hope this helps.  

Im so glad i got it cancel . The way they told us at the seminar was like a win win situation and that why it got me so interested . Thank you for your info.