Any experience with crowdfunding sites like Fundrise?

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I would like to acquire 5 or fewer properties and pay off the debts as quickly as possible.

We are living in what will be our second rental now and I'm feeling a little stagnant.

I would like to purchase a 3rd property but there are a few factors holding me up, one of them being fear. The areas I am looking in are hot markets and I don't really have a ton of cash on hand to invest even if I did find a deal. (excuses) I'm essentially wanting to do SOMETHING, but don't want to do the wrong something. I'm really hoping that this will appease some of my desire to invest, without me investing in something I shouldn't. Does this mean I'm emotionally investing and I should just force myself to be patient or put in more work to find deals??

The current plan is to pay down debts as quickly as possible. Should I just double down on that plan and stay disciplined? I'm sure some of this would require more details about my specific situation to really answer.

Just watched a few videos on crowdfunding including BP's "What is Real Estate Crowdfunding?" video. Starting to steer away from it, for my specific scenario. I think I value having my hands on the deals and having a higher level of security, knowing that most variables have been accounted for by myself.

Stephen I've interviewed hundreds of investors who have used Fundrise and other platforms. Personally I would say the answer is probably very different depending on whether you are accredited or nonaccredited. It sounds like maybe you have decided you're not really interested in going down this route. But if you'd like to learn more, let us know which one you are.

I am a big fan.  I have been with them for about 4 years.  I had been receiving dividends at first but now roll them back in.  Another big hit with them is that they allow you self direct your ira/401k to them!!!