Turnkey providers in Dallas/Houston

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@Omar Gonzalez what returns are you hoping to get? It would be my assumption that turnkey in that market would be tough to make money on. It just seems like a market that it's too late to get into, especially with a property that's been fully flipped. But, I'm sure there are fringe areas that you could get into early? Maybe higher risk.. but eventually you'll get some reward? Happy for anyone to chime in! 

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@Omar Gonzalez I think a lot of investors overlook Oklahoma. OK City is booming and Tulsa has great opportunities for any type of investor.  My brother just picked up a house in Sand Springs that was recently flooded by our record smashing rain fall this year (100 year flood plain got hit) he will have around 50k total in it and could make a 100k profit if he were to sell it.  My uncle is making a super nice profit on his airbnbs in Tulsa and has been flipping houses there for 15 years. Tons of multi family ready for the taking.  Venture a little further out to the surrounding metros and the sky's the limit. We make a trip every 6 months for my sons med appointments to OK city and it has been blowing up for the past 4 years. Every trip we spot houses and commercial buildings springing up like the weeds in my garden. 

@Omar Gonzalez there are some great neighborhoods in Minnesota in the Twin Cities area that would be great for BRRR and flipping. I'm looking to work with a qualified investor. There are some up and coming neighborhoods and areas where it's all tear downs.

@Nathan Hughes - under no circumstances can we consider Oklahoma City 'overlooked', it seems there is an out-of-state investor (OOS) on every corner.  In June of 2018, Lending Tree did an interesting article on this and anecdotally - the presence of OOS investors have only increased since then. Note that non-owner occupied purchasers are paying substantially more than private home-owners.  That's significant because it suggests they don't understand the local market.

"The city with the highest percentage of vacation and investment homes is ...

LendingTree revealed its list of cities with the most non-owner occupied mortgages — the results are surprising

by Marian McPherson Staff Writer

June 12, 2018

Buyers in Oklahoma are embracing the state’s “Boomer Sooner” spirit by snapping up additional properties to be used as vacation, investment or second homes.

According to LendingTree’s latest real estate market analysis, Oklahoma City has the highest share of non-owner occupied mortgages (15.4 percent) out of the 50 largest cities in the United States. The average loan size for a non-owner occupied property in Oklahoma City is $193,000 — $11,000 more than the average loan size for an owner-occupied home ($182,000).

Philadelphia (14.6 percent), Memphis (14.6 percent), Miami (14.5 percent) and San Francisco (13.9 percent) rounded out the top five cities with the largest share of non-owner occupied mortgages.

LendingTree Chief Economist Tendayi Kapfidze said non-owner occupied mortgage rates are highest in the South and West, but for very different reasons.

“Southern cities may be attracting investors due to low prices and growing populations,” Kapfidze said in the report. “Many residents in Southern cities may not be able to access homeownership due to lower median salaries, creating a ready pool of renters.”

Yeah, same here- MemphisInvest is the only one I can think of that may still have stuff there. All the TK providers are kind of long-gone since the returns got so squished there. The boom is definitely long-past there.

What are your goals with a turnkey? Yes the midwest is available, but there's several TK market options depending on what you're looking for.

@Nathan Hughes are you investing in OKC at all? But I agree with @Deborah Burian I don't think it's a secret to out of state investors anymore. I disagree with Deborah in that even the out of state investors are snagging property with good equity positions and great returns. It just depends on who they work with! 

@Omar Gonzalez Its not to late to still find good deals here in the DFW area. I would disagree with other posts on that regard. I can recommend some strategies to help you obtain investment properties, as well as, property management companies here in the metroplex as well.

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