Good Property Management Recommendation in LUBBOCK, TX

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Hey There,

Anybody can recommend a good property management company in LUBBOCK, TX?
I used to be very happy with my PM, however I may need to switch to another company. Our property has been vacated since May 23, and the turn around is still not done, although they had 4 showings; I asked to add more pictures as the pictures of the property did not look good, and it's not done either. Last I got an update from PM was 2 weeks ago, and I am not getting any replies back from my follow ups (neither emails nor phone calls). Not sure how business is done in Lubbock, but I am not used to this. I think PMs should respond within 24-48 hours. What's your experience with Lubbock PMs? Maybe this is how business IS done in Lubbock as it's a smaller, slower pace place?


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Check with Chase Marberry. He is a member on here and runs House Chaser property management. I stay in consistent contact with Him 

If you’re still looking for a PM I have heard good things about Wyatt Realty. No personal experience but I have heard good things from a friend that has rentals here!

Thanks all for sharing information! I have been looking into this market and trying to do some research on PM, realtors, wholesalers, ect, I am interested in doing the BRRRR strategy out there.