TX RE Investors using TREC to Wholesale

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Hello All,

I was wondering is there anyone from Texas who uses the TREC contract to wholesale, and is there a step by step or tutorial on how to complete that contract for a wholesale deal? I see some one pagers, and some who use TREC and I would like to be able to navigate through both contracts. 

You want to use the TREC....

There are various classes, normally one day on how to fill out TREC contract at investor meetings in Dallas. I'd guess it happens in SA area too. Attend your local REIA meetings and ask if there is a class. Otherwise you could take the contracts class that realtors take at a community college or real estate school....or maybe online.

@Darionn James-Trigg Before I obtained my real estate license I used the TREC 1 to 4 for all my acquisitions. Anyone in the state can use this contract to acquire a property up to 4 doors. Hence the "1to4." I took the time to understand each section and explain it to the sellers before having them sign the contract. That way there was never any issues with the transaction. I still do it today when helping clients buy and sell here. Devil is in the details. So do yourself a favor and do some research local REI clubs there in San Antonio. They should offer a wholesaling class that will explain the 1to4 to you you. If not, follow @Bruce Lynn advise and contact a local tile company offering classes on the 1to4 or Champions School of Real Estate. They offer online classes on the 1to4 as well as in person.