Can Anyone Recommend a Lender? What are current rates?

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Hey BP! 

I was wondering which lenders yall are using and what kind of rates yall are getting lately? I was looking to get a loan because I'm trying to make an offer on a sfh to buy and hold, but the rate was around 4.75% with 25% down. I was about to shop around, but I thought I'd check to see if anyone from the community could recommend a lender. 

Also, can anyone recommend an inspector in the Katy area?

I would really appreciate any input!



I would be interested in hearing as well. I am starting my journey into real estate investing for buy and hold properties and have just gotten a pre-approval from Quicken. However, I am still not sure what a good rate is these days for investors. If I understand correctly, rates tend to be higher for investment properties, right?

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@Tim Koger thanks for the mention.  And @Alex Juarez that rate does seem reasonable but do you need to put 25% down?  Most of us investors need cash in the bank to try to buy MORE properties.  Ask what they can do for 20% and 15% down so you can see the difference.  Maybe that will help you buy more properties.  Just a thought.

Thanks for the input guys!! Sorry for late response, been pretty busy lately, but I actually found someone that beat the original 4.75%. Home Start Capital came in at 4.4% with 25% down. I think at 20% they said it would've been closer to 4.85%.