Looking to connect in San Antonio/Austin area

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BP friends, it has been a while for me to get back into the groove. A lot has happened over the past couple of years that have enlightened me to return to the vast knowledge and network of friends that BiggerPockets provides. I have taken many steps forward to regain my footing and am ready to help take our teams to the next level. 

I am looking for local meetups, lunch/dinner meetings, realtors, wholesalers, lenders, etc. just to continue to meet new people in and around San Antonio to Austin. I look forward to meeting some of you over the next couple of weeks at Multi-family meetings. 

As always, be great and make it yours!


Hey Jeff,

Welcome back.  There are a few meet ups in San Antonio that are hosted by BP members.  @Rick Pozos hosts a meet up the 2nd Wednesday of every month and @Seth Teel hosts a meet up that occurs the first Tuesday of every month.

Feel free to shoot me a message if I can be of any help


@Justin M. thanks for the information. I will be in attendance tomorrow evening at the Hilton airport meetup for Multi family investing. Looking forward to making lifelong friends and changes. Be great!