Buy and Hold in Austin, TX

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Am looking to buy my first out-of-state investment property, and I keep finding my way to Austin. I am trying to get more information on the area. Looking at a price range up to $250K, seem to find plenty of options but I am not sure the areas to really focus on. Looking for a buy and hold property. Thanks!

Welcome to BiggerPockets @Austin Pritchett !   If you want to stay close to Austin at that price point the North side is quite strong and has a good deal planned for future developments.  You can also find options on the East side as well as SouthEast, just different appeals to each location for different investors.  Happy to chat more and share insight.  

@Austin Pritchett Austin is a great market for long-term investors. At your price point, you will be looking at suburbs outside of Austin. Top targets will be Round Rock, Hutto, Taylor, Pflugerville, Buda, and Kyle. Have you explored any of these yet?

Great advice, find your realtor, get financing, find PM (I recommend Keyrenter) LLC and lease.

You're all set to sit back and enjoy that sweet, sweet Tesla demand.

@Austin Pritchett as an investor I'm mainly focusing on 78721 and smaller towns around Austin that I think are going to keep growing. I keep getting drawn to Bastrop, Taylor and Del Valle area myself for investment deals. Personally I'm going to continue to househack in the city of Austin.

I would look in Cedar Park, Plugerville, Leander, Liberty Hill, Round Rock and everywhere in between. 

Low to no HOA


low prop tax

no older than 30 years