Austin, Texas 2021 Wholesaling

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Where is the best place to find a great wholesaler in Austin Texas ?

I Myself have the funds to be able to purchase. Of course the most challenging part is finding good deals to Buy.

Please share your thoughts. I look forward to hearing from you wonderful folks on the bigger pockets forum.

Thank you !

- J.McAllister

Learn to source deals yourself direct to seller if you want to make money. In this market everyone has cash and unless you want to swing a hammer and have some really good subs margins are razor thin. 

We have purchased 3 deals from new western.  They are generally honest people - the hardest thing has been that they will have an open house and 100 people would show up. The competition is just insane. We gave up after 2019... mistake :-) Only if we got few more..I am in Austin by the way..