Investing in Ogden from CA, need local recommendations.

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I'm purchasing a couple duplexes in Ogden and would love to get a recommendation for any or all of the following. 

Property inspector

Commercial agent

Property manager

Any other suggestions? 

I have a friend that does property management in Ogden - just PM me and I'll give you his contact info. He's a really good guy. Not sure if he's taking on business or not, but if not, I'm sure he could give you some solid recommendations.

I use Bob with S&S Quality Home Inspections. I can get you his number, not sure if they have a web site. He's been helping me in Davis County, but I'll bet he could come up to Ogden. 

What type of commercial agent do you need? I do commercial/residential multifamily properties and could help you pull comps, etc. 

id recommend northern Utah property management also.

I could help you with commercial, I deal in it and also own commercial in ogden.

Hi Tabitha,

I like to think we do a pretty good job on property management and acquisition of good low maintenance rentals. Ogden is an interesting market because you have some areas you definitely want to avoid but they vary from neighborhood to neighborhood. You also have a disparity in rents because some companies I am aware of do not charge security deposits to tenants and end up bumping up the rents instead and renting to higher risk type people. Some have had what they think is success with that numbers wise, but their properties get destroyed. I know this because we have taken over a number of properties that were managed this way. is my site. I am brand new to the site. Forgive me if it is tacky to recommend oneself. 

Home inspector- Peak Home Inspection they do the infrared and everything and are usually under $400. 

@Tabitha K.

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