Any real estate savvy CPA's in Utah?

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Hey BP! I'm looking for a new CPA, as my current one doesn't know much about real estate. I'm a full time investor with a good sized rental portfolio and a very active flipping business. I'd love to hear any recommendations from BP nation. Thanks!

I just started using ClydeJones CPA coming as a recommendation from my RE attorney. He seems to be real estate savvy. I only have a few properties so my returns are basic. He apparently has lots of RE clients with big portfolios. I don’t know if he gets really into the weeds with cost segregation analysis and some of the more complicated things. I have been impressed with the customer service and reasonable cost.  

I am also interested in affiliating with a CPA that actively uses "bifurcation of assets" a term I only have minimal knowledge about but understand can be very easing on the short term tax burdens of buy and hold assets. If anyone in the market can connect us with someone like that I think there would be a lot of value to be had.

Mark J. Kohler and his team are phenomenal. I know several RE investors including myself who use him. His podcasts, training/video material, and knowledge as a CPA, attorney, and RE investor is second to none!

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