Getting A HELOC On Investment Prop In Utah?

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Hey guys! I am curious to see if there are any creative ways to to get a HELOC on an investment property. I have 4 properties in Saratoga Springs and I went to MACU & UCCU (credit unions) and they said that they do not do a HELOC on investment properties.

Have you had any success with this? Or is it even possible?

Nik, what did you find out?  I'm looking for the same thing on my SL county properties.

@Alan Walker They said that they could do it on the investment properties. 80% LTV on them and they could do it on multiple properties. 2 of mine have the MACU 90% program so I wont be able to do it for those properties but I do have one that I paid 20% down that I should be able to get a HELOC on