Finding Deals in Utah

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A great tactic to find off market deals is direct mail.  There are many data sources and city assessor offices to find the owner information.  This is our process we are currently working on implementing:

  • Create list of property addresses
  • Use VA to find owner contact information
  • Send 4 direct mail campaigns
  • Cold call leads
  • SMS leads
  • FB target ad leads

I'm finding my deals through wholesalers that I've met at the different REIA meetings around the valley. I'm on a bunch of wholesaler lists but my best success has been developing friendships with people I meet so they think to call me before blasting out a deal. It's a people business.

You could try Listsource. It is a great online list generator. Driving for dollars can also help you uncover the locations of some hidden gems. Last resort would be hiring a realtor, but the point of sourcing out your own deals is to do the leg-work yourself.

Good Luck!