Home Inspectors who Specialize in Older Homes

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I just had an offer accepted on an old (vintage ~1910-ish) house in Salt Lake county and am looking for an inspector who's familiar with the things to look out for. Should most competent inspectors be familiar with old homes?

If not, any recommendations of people to call or places to look? Thanks!

I would expect any inspector who has a decent amount of years under their belt should know what to look for. It's still basic structural stuff, electrical, foundation, etc. They'll look to see if stuff is to code. Shouldn't be a big deal. I purchased a 1907 building in WA a long time ago - the inspector caught everything. I was intending to do a complete renovation with block grant money (HUD) back when there was funding for that. Anyway, I'd assume an older building isn't that rare where you are, so if the inspector has a decent amount of experience, he/she should catch everything.

Have fun.  I love old houses.  I know they can be money pits, but I just love them and the (normally) better materials used, woodwork, higher ceilings, etc.  Sometimes you just need to move a wall or take a wall out, to make it less functionally obsolete, but you can still keep the character.  Uh oh, you got me started.....LOL.  I have a weakness for old houses.  Wish I could afford to buy and renovate them all.