Could we set up a Northern Virginia Sub-Forum?

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I think it would be nice if NOVA (Northern Virginia) had a place as a sub-forum.  Very big area and very different from the other metros located here.  

Agreed, this would be very helpful!

I think Northern Virginia discussions are fine being in the Washington DC thread. Maryland has a subforum for the Germantown area which I think should be eliminated as it is part of the DC metro area.

I posted the same question when the geo forums first appeared and I tagged @Brandon Turner but nothing came of it. Seems like we have a good sized group of people that are interested in a NoVA sub-forum! 

Hey @Doug W. would let Zach (the managing these sub forums) know. :) 

I would vote a yes!! I live in MD but due to the tenant friendly state I am not as interested in buy and hold in MD.  Plus I had lived in NOVA for 6 years so know the market a little. 

It really is different then a DC forum.

a DC Metro forum would be appropriate.

Originally posted by @Brandon Turner :

Hey @Doug W. would let Zach (the managing these sub forums) know. :) 

 Kicking the dust up on this thread....... Hey @Brandon Turner.... can you tag Zach so that he can consider adding that Northern Virginia Real Estate Q&A Discussion Forum we NoVAers so desperately want? :)

Please and Thank You! 

Good idea!

@Doug W.

Thanks for raising this again. I do think it is needed. 

@Brandon Turner  Hopefully this demonstrates enough demand for the space! :) 

I am definitely open to adding a northern va sub-forum.  Count me in!

+1 on this as well.

I was actually looking for this sub forum to ask a question to some of the local landlords in NOVA. Guess the DC forum will have to do for now! :) 

so when is this sub forum happening?

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