Lynchburg Roanoke Professionals wanted!

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Hello BP World,

I'm just starting out in RE and need to build a team. I need a lawyer that works with Investors that maybe has some property themselves. A CPA that knows the ins and outs when it comes to working for investors. And a good tittle and settelment firm. Preferably in Lynchburg Virginia. I'm assuming I need more people to add to the team. I know and have worked with good contractors locally for years so that I'm not to worried about finding them. It's the rest of the team I'm worried about finding. The goal is to get financing lined up then do a few flips and wholesales to then afford buy and hold SFR and up to 4 plex for now. Any ideas or references would be great!



For a CPA I've heard great things about Shackleford & Werthman and Yesh from last nights meeting suggested them as well. When I spoke to them prior the receptionist asked who I had a preference for, and I told her I'd like to use whoever owns rental property and she said they both do. I'll tell you how my meeting goes with them, but if you want to speak with them before that they're located on Waterlick Rd. (435-237-3500)

TIP: Take suggestions from each solid contact you already have so you don't run yourself raggedy looking under every rock for your team.


I'll wait to hear from you on that I appreciate it! It was a pleasure to meet you and your wife lastnight. David you and I need to have a meetup soon to game plan if your interested I'm setting up a meeting with Yesh on Wednesday and will let you know what I find.