Looking for wholesalers, GCs, and other investors in Front Royal

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I am looking to move up to Front Royal, VA (and/or the surrounding area) in the next year. I am an investor down in Florida, but my main job has me go into D.C. at least twice a month and i'd like to avoid flying in each time. With that being said, I am looking to buy an initial flip property that I am able to work on in the evening hours for a year as i get situated and know the area better to determine where i'd like to live more permanently. Of course, i want to invest around me in general so looking for a crew to work with.

I am also open to a rent with option to buy (obviously priced at before we perform improvements) and all repairs performed/owned by me as the tenant. 

Hey Austin, I'm an investor in front Royal. I can definitely help you. I know the market inside and out, and have all the contacts you need to get going. I also have a pretty cool shared office space you might be interested in. Lots of people here only go into the city occasionally and we have a cool work space to hook them up instead of their basements. Pm me and i can get you going.

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