NoVA Pre-Foreclosure/Auction Tracking and Data Sources

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Does anyone have any sources of a reliable data service for tracking pre-foreclosure and/or trustee auctions in NoVA counties?

I recently relocated to the area, and the default tracking data/process seems extremely opaque compared to the west coast states I'm used to dealing with.  

If there aren't any data services, how are you guys/gals tracking these opportunities?  From what I can see, you've got to manually monitor legal notices in the Times/Post/County Papers to compile auction notices, then track the sale status (date, cancellation, postponements,etc) on the default attorney/trustee website.  Then on top of that, the default amount is not published, so you've got to estimate that based on the loan amount at origination (minus amortization).

Am I missing anything here?  Possibly tracking substitution of trustee filings for when the lender transfers over to a default trustee?

Any feedback on my thought process, and/or data sources would be appreciated!

As a local real estate agent we have access to RealtyTrac through our MLS system. Local county newspaper or look up big Trustee who are involved in the foreclosure. Trustee typically has a list on their site.