Licensed Attorney in Virginia Needed

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Hey BP. I'm faced with a challenge that I could really use some help problem solving. I need a real estate attorney licensed in the state of Virginia who practices in the Charlotte area but whose practice reaches out to the Buckingham County area as well.


I have a parcel of property in the Buckingham County area with a squatter. He has been there for some years and we have already filed an injunction to stop the clock on his squatter's rights to the property. We won the case and he appealed. We won the following case and he appealed again. He is still there and in the midst of this fight, a minority owner in the property (who refuses to give up their share but owes me money for their share of legal costs and taxes over years) has given the squatter permission to reside on the property until death. 

I need a solution to get the property free and clear from the minority share owner and to get the squatter off the property. 

By the way.... If you just know a seasoned and talented attorney who practices in the area, please let me know. DM me or respond please! Thank you very much folks!

Not sure I fully understand the situation, but you might want to talk to an RE lawyer in your area about an action to "partition" a property owned as tenants in common, or to "quiet title" if you feel you own the property outright. 

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