Thinking of renting out den in 1br

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I just moved from Bethesda to a newly renovated 1BR & den apt in Tyson's...I actually wanted a studio but there were none available so I went with the 1br. The den is basically the size of a small room, and I really don't need this much space. I'd like to rent it for $500-600/mo. Do apartment complexes usually restrict this? 

When I filled out all of my paperwork, they had me sign a document stating that there'd never be more than 2 people living in the apartment. They never mentioned anything about renting out rooms. Assuming I can do this, what advice would you give me when looking for tenants? I'm assuming I can't add them to the lease, and if not it seems pretty sketchy to me. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

What does the language in the lease say about subletting? You would be accountable for any damages of the subletter. For an apartment complex its unlikely to become an issue for them if its not prohibited but could become one for you if you get a bad tenant so know your lease agreement and local rental laws.

@Daniel Pitta you most likely will have to put the person moving into the den on the lease as most leases require all individuals living in the unit above the age of 18 to be stated on the lease!

Hope this helps

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