Loudoun County, VA 2 unit Single Family House

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Does Loudoun County, VA allow for a single family house to have 2 units with separate entrances to be rented? I'm interested in a house that has a fully converted basement unit with a separate entrance.

To my knowledge, it's not allowed within a neighborhood surrounded by other single-family homes. However, if yo're in a neighborhood of duplexes that may have bearing or if it's an area like Columbia Heights in Washington, DC where conversions into two units are prevalent, then it's possible.

Hi Matthew,

Loudoun County addresses this by not allowing kitchens to be built in basements.  So if you have a basement unit in the house, odds are it was installed without permits. The long-term rental of part of a house should not be an issue. Short-term rentals might fall under Loudoun's new laws about AirBNB-type rentals, which at this time require only registration (taxation and permits likely to come in the future).