AirBnB in Northern Virginia?

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I am researching strategies for Airbnb short term rentals in the northern Virginia area.

Has anyone had any experience with this?

What types of properties have you had success with?

How do you go about finding local regulations and constraints on short term rentals? 

Any tips/advice/suggestions appreciated.

Alex Yi
Most counties frown upon/prohibit it. I am in Fairfax County and you need a special permit. Good luck with that as it has to be a bed and breakfast which means you must be living there. Also I believe there are other permits possibly required as well.

Just google the county name and short term rentals it will pop up.

Hey Alex Yi , as @Chris Seveney mentioned you really need to look up the county codes. A lot of counties simple don’t “recognize” the short term rental model yet. The best classification is a Bed and Breakfast. Which has a lot of stipulations an “owner” being always on site. Clearly this is a problem if you don’t live on the property. Or don’t want a long term tenant managing he property.

We ran out Airbnb in prince William county for about 3 years. My which has the bed and breakfast ambiguity problem. What we found to be the most important is transparency with your neighbors. I made it a point to introduce myself to each of them and give them my business card prior to starting up. Letting them know to please CALL ME FIRST if the noticed anything going on. It was smooth sailing and we never had an issue :)

Here is the link for Prince William County Short term rental laws: