NoVA & long-term investment

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I teach a class on how to analyze properties in Northern Virginia in order to keep as rental properties. I focus on long-term investments because the wholesale & flipping market is exceptionally competitive here. 

Long-term rentals aren't as flashy as flipping-cash-outs, but the yields can be much greater with a lot less risk.

Any interest in starting a new group on the topic?

Loretta Gray

Ha! Great point Hugh!

I'm working on the logistics of setting up a group now... I'd be happy if you want to join. I'll send details when I know when/where it can happen consistently. I also just send a Connect invite too. 

Any traction on this?  I'm in NOVA and starting out as a wholesaler, but I will be heading toward buy and holds eventually.
Just don't hate me for being a wholesaler.  I'm going to be a great one!  :)