Any good contractors / handymen in NOVA?

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Hello all,

Wondering if anyone can hook me up with an honest person who can repair a leak in a roof?  Could be a handyman that's got some roofing experience etc. 

Also looking to see if anyone knows someone that does bigger projects, possibly looking to add a kitchenette in the basement and some bathroom work.  

It's a townhouse in Alexandria, by the way. 


Hi Sean! I know a bunch of good ones, let's chat because some are going to be more inclined with your end goal than others... for example, if you're just looking to do it for the least amt period, there are plenty of dudes who will do it for next to nothing. If you want the work to be quality, then there are better actual small single-man operations that are cost effective, but a bit more $. I sent a connection request. Let's definitely chat.