Noob in nova, looking for advice.

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Hi there I’m just looking for some general guidance. I’ve been watching videos for months on this kinda stuff and recently joined this site. I’m done with watching and want to get involved. I’m very much a doer and learn best when I’m involved or when I can learn from specific cases. I’m also interested in learning about what goes into flipping. I worked in hvac for a while so I know some of that but I don’t really know how to fix or replace anything outside of that. So if anyone wants to have a meetup or knows someone who is knowledgeable please let me know. 

Hey!! That is super exciting! I’m an agent and Investor doing about 2-3 flips a year and have a few rentals as well! I’m happy to chat and give advice when needed feel free to message me if interested for advice or guidance!

Hey there & Hi to Shane!! Welcome to NOVA Michael!! If you're interested in an investment meetup, I should be starting up again in July in Old Town. Always happy to see a new face : )

First off CONGRATULATIONS on the decision on starting your investing journey.

Second, if you have any insurance questions throughout your process feel free to reach out to me. 

Id love to help if possible. 

Hello Michael, Welcome to BP. I was always interested in real-estate but I have only really started to think of investing approximately 7 years ago. The biggest thing I can suggest is to read, watch and listen to anything you can. Secondly create a system to help you analyzing deals and start analyzing deals. I am fairly new and I am still learning but  would be willing to help out if I can.