Property Management Recommendations for Whidbey Island

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Can anyone recommend a stellar property management company that handles properties on Whidbey Island, WA? Thanks much!

Hi Christine,

It depends upon where your property is within the 3 "geo sub-markets" (south/Langley/Clinton/Freeland, mid/Coupeville/Greenbank, or north/Oak Harbor) on Whidbey plus it depends upon the type of property (residential, office, etc.).  Clarify on that info and I can provide you with some recommendations.

Best Regards,

Scott Price

Hi Scott, It would have been a residential tri-plex in Oak Harbor. We're no longer purchasing that particular property but still interested in buying in Oak Harbor. Thanks!

@Christine Stone - I am located in Oak Harbor and currently use Koetje Property Management. I only used them because it was my first rental at the time. They are an awesome bunch of people and I have NEVER had a problem with them. Camden and his wife have always taken care of me and they are well known in the community. If you have questions feel free to call me. 214-686-053eight Hope this helps.


@Spencer OBrien - Thanks so much! Will look into it!

I will second koetje property management.  I rented from then before I owned my multi family and they are awesome now that I'm an owner.  If you don't mind me asking aproxemtly where was the triplex. What are you currently looking for.  I am pretty intuned to the market.  I was heart broken when a duplex extremely similar to mine sold for 255k about 2 weeks ago.  That was a screaming deal.  If any one on here got that deal I would love to hear the details.  Hope this helps.  The other big management company in town is terra property management I have no experience with them.  

@James Miller thanks for the recommendation. We're looking for a small multifamily in Oak Harbor, Skagit Valley or Bellingham. Thanks for your input!

Ill keel my eyes open.  I looking to expand into snohomish county.  So I've been busy looking down there.  But ill keep my eyes open.  

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