requesting a Tri Cities, WA sub-forum

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There are many real estate investors in and around the Tri-Cities, Washington area that have expressed interest in seeing a sub-forum here on Bigger Pockets dedicated to our market.  This area includes Richland, Kennewick, Pasco, Benton City among others. 

We can use this forum to communicate everything from our group meeting schedule, referrals, requests for advice, partners, financing - you name it.  No matter the subject, if it's related to our market, communication would be much easier in a dedicated sub-forum.


Would love to have a forum on Tri City as I pick up occasional wholesale deals over on that side of the state. Good luck and let me know if I can help.


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This is definitely a great idea. I would use a Tri-Cities forum as would many others. Perhaps it is because it's not a single large city that we haven't seen a lot of dedicated forum here yet.

This post is the first part of that effort.  I contacted BP support to inquire about a sub-forum and they recommended to start with this discussion so that they can gauge the interest.

For good measure I also sent a direct message to Brandon Turner with the same request.  He said he would see what he could do.

Replies and votes on this discussion will help.

This sounds great! It would definitely be a more direct way to follow what happens in the TC'S rather than weeding through separate forums. I would spend more time on BP if I knew there was a sub forum dedicated to my area.

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That would be great, I've worked in the Tri-cities area for a year now as a contractor and didn't know there was so many people interest in Real Estate. I knew the industry was big, I just couldn't find an outlet to network people of like-minded interests.

Finding good contacts is very difficult, the realtor we work with barely, if ever, answers our phone calls or emails. I'm on board with this, if we can get it going.