Outside water faucets

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So we own 2 duplexes with 4 total outside water faucets and we pay the w/s/g not the tenants. In the winter we put locks on the water faucets because the bill was getting high and anyone could walk up and get water out the faucets as we've had 2 faucets replaced by a plumber. The tenants are requesting that we remove the faucet lock for the summer. Each duplex has only 1 meter and 2 of the tenants are section 8 so we can't just split the bill we would have to have each unit metered separately. Do we have to legally remove the locks? If not what are some suggestions other than buying separate meters for each unit? The property is located in Auburn also

My tenants in Tumwater have access to O/S water-also duplexes-yes they use more water; I don’t recall what is in the lease to me it is an unfortunate cost of doing business. What if they ran a hose from the kitchen or laundry room to the outside?

thats is true. They grow gardens, have kids swimming pool etc Which is why i am considering installing meters and bill them directly

I’m sure they’d love free water to start a neighborhood car wash or fill up kitty pools and spray each other all day when you are the poor schmuck stuck with the water bill ! I’d tell them NO . There’s no reason to cave in to their demands ! It’s only going to cost you more money

@Dennis M. Exactly! they had them when we purchased the property and i don't them having because i know it them feel at home, but i do know if they paid for it they wouldn't use much. We currently stay at the property also so once we move out i don't want them going all crazy with the water usage. Another owner we know has a property across from us and his tenants will wash their car twice a week!

I’ve heard stories of tenants starting up a community car wash for 5$ a car at a apartment that didn’t have the faucet removed . Get your wallet out lol