Fast Ferries and Bremerton, WA revival

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Hello Washington State Investors,

I've been looking at Bremerton real estate to revive due of the three new fast ferries (walk-on) scheduled for 2019.

I'm a rehabber and landlord newbie seeking to invest in the right market.  

Does anyone out in BiggerPockets land think the Bremerton market is prime to bloom?  

Thanks for your insights and opinions,


The regular ferry has already had quite an effect in Bremerton and the surrounding area. The fast ferries should make it even hotter; but much of the appreciation is taken into account. Keep an eye on it there may be some buys come up in the rainy months. All the best!

Short answer is yes, Bremerton is booming.   Where else in Puget sound can you commute to Seattle in 30 mins and still find a newly remodeled home for well under 400k???   Downtown, near the ferry, has been revitalised, etc.  It still has a ways to go and prices have picked up but I don't see how Seattle workers can ignore the value especially where Seattle and king county taxes are going and the mess that is the Seattle city clownsule

I have several investors looking at the area.  There is some great long-term hold appreciation potential.  I've also seen a good amount of flip potentials there.  I'm going to spend a whole day viewing property with my client next week.  Id be happy to meet up with you and view some as well.