Looking for a meetup in Snohomish County Washington..

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Hello BiggerPockets,

I'm looking to checkout local meet-ups in the Snohomish County area? I've moved to the State of Washington and I'm finally taking real estate on full-time. I love meeting people and adding value wherever I possible can. If you know of any meet-ups I would appreciate any feedback in advance.

Happy Wednesday everyone--

Greg Velasco      

@Greg Velasco check out meetup.com and you will be able to find numerous investor meetups per week.  I like Cascade Investor Alliance who meet in Marysville but there are many others that may suite your needs.  I would suggest starting with some of the free ones and then look into the ones that charge.

Nothing against the ones that charge but it's helpful to explore the free options first as there are many ways to learn about real estate investing.

Best of luck with all your investing.